Uber HR: Human Resource Simplified

Simplified HR Solution! Basic Human Resource functions for small to medium size business.

Employee Roster - All employee information centralized in one database with reports. Self service for updating information as well as administration modules.

Timesheets : Time management module records amount of employee hours. Online timesheets track time by various projects.

Leave Management : Self service module for Employees to request leaves and approvals. Administration module for Setting leave policies, accrual policies. Check used vacation time and leave history with various reports.

Employee Goals : Performance goals set at Organizational level, By Manager or by Employee.

Performance Reviews : Quarterly, Semi-quarterly or Annual Review process and tracking.

Free for 12 Months

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Ethics Hotline : Ethics and Compliance

Independent and Anonymous Ethics and Compliance program for your organization..

Your organization can reduce internal fraud, wrong doing, compliance violation using Ethics Hotline. Because reporter can remain totally anonymous, they can be encouraged to report ethics incidents.

Case Management: Both person reporting and organization's designee can track the incident from start to resolution. Also Organization can track the history of various incidents with reports.

Free for 12 Months

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Uber CRM: Customer Relationship Simplified

UBER CRM is a simple Customer Relationship Management application for small and medium size business.

Leads Management: Manage new and prospective leads and convert them into accounts.

Account Management: Manage Accounts and Account Wins.

Campaign Management : Create and Track Campaigns.

Contact Management : Manage Contacts and their interactions

Sales and Invoices: Manage Quotes, Sales and Invoices

Product, Vendors, Manufactures: Manage Product, Vendors, Manufactures.

Free for 12 Months

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Uber Pulse : Surveys Simplified

Surveys for Employers and Business - Anonymous or Engaged.. Under Construction..